It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through our time in Antarctica. Although, when I think back to the start and all that we have done over the last couple of months, it seems like we have been here for much longer than we have. There is this strange time warp here where a … More Halfway

Cape Royds

When I first heard whispers that there might be a fam trip to Cape Royds, I started praying that the stars would align. It was high up on my wish list of places to visit in Antarctica and this was probably the only chance I would get. Cape Royds is special for a couple of … More Cape Royds

Ice Climbing

I nearly missed out on this fam trip and I was devastated. The sign-up sheet had gone up and the spots all filled up before I had even seen it. As a rock climber without any rock to climb, I had been itching to try ice climbing. Even before I came to Antarctica I had … More Ice Climbing


When you look around outside it is white for as far as the eye can see. There is no grass, no trees, no insects, there is no green. It is a place of extremes; 24-hour sunlight in summer then 24-hour darkness in the winter. Warm weather is just above or below 0, but even in … More Wildlife

Cape Evans

Here at Scott Base, we are extremely lucky to be provided with opportunities to get off base. On Sundays, these opportunities often come in the form of familiarization (fam) trips, which are put on by our lovely field guides. These trips are usually to places that we are unable to get to ourselves. The last … More Cape Evans